The Studio

In the world of creativity and innovation, FeelDX is a global team of experts reshaping the way individuals interact with urban environments and infrastructure. Crafting memorable journeys and narratives that establish profound connections, we redefine the perception of your project using cutting-edge visualisation and interactive technologies.

Our versatile work seamlessly combines strategy, storytelling, creative technology, and experimentation, serving diverse clients across various sectors and project phases.


Our team specialises in leveraging storytelling to unravel intricate concepts. We have a unique talent for unearthing the fundamental purpose of each project and translating it into compelling visual content that establishes a personal connection with diverse audiences.

We work across diverse projects for a broad range of clients and sectors, infusing each project with the enchantment of storytelling to create immersive experiences.

Content Strategy

We begin with a deep understanding of your challenges, harnessing insights to craft an effective strategy and define a clear project vision. Our collaborative approach follows an agile, rigorous methodology, addressing technical, business, and stakeholder needs for project success

Our team will craft a tailored content strategy that deeply resonates with your target audience, all while delivering immersive content that conveys stakeholder objectives.


At FeelDX, our commitment to impactful communication is rooted in the cornerstone of our creative process: storytelling. It guides us in structuring messages for videos, shaping the composition and content of message-led imagery, and seamlessly integrating into user experiences within interactive applications.

Storytelling, the heart and soul of our approach, bridges the gap between ideas and impactful visual communication.

Creative Technology

We apply new technologies to enhance user experiences, discover innovative audience engagement methods, and increase production efficiency, all while leveraging core assets in imaginative ways. Our research-centric approach directs the design and development of interactive applications and visualisation tools, adding significant value to our communication methods.

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We believe in crafting immersive and engaging content that leaves a lasting impression. Our projects are the embodiment of this belief, where the 'why' of each venture is carefully uncovered through storytelling.

Our team integrates cutting-edge technology with research-driven strategic plans to craft immersive content that deeply resonates with audiences across a wide range of industries.

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Simplot Bathurst

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University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus (UON)

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CDU Blue 8 Centre For Better Health Futures

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Brighton Grammar School

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FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) Newcastle

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Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Newcastle

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