• BIM 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D & Visual Methodologies
  • Multimedia Visualisation
  • Construction Life Cycle Management
  • Project Control & Project Management
  • Tender Programmes
  • Construction Programme
  • Subcontractor Programme
  • Project Forensic Analysis (NOD/EOT Claims & Scheduling)
  • Education and Training
  • Interior Design


Our work blends strategy, storytelling, and creative technology across diverse sectors and projects. Specialising in storytelling, our design team unravels intricate concepts, translating them into immersive content that establishes personal connections. From strategy and content planning to creative technologies, we deliver engaging experiences across various projects, creating a unique blend of innovation and storytelling.

BIM Services - 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D

Our comprehensive BIM models integrate preconstruction planning and programme schedules to create staging plans and construction sequences for your project.


Multimedia visualisation provides innovative visuals, including photo-realistic architectural renderings, photorealistic fly through animations for virtual reality, and portrayal videos.

Interior Design

Our creative Interior Designers work with you to conceptualise, plan and execute the interior design for your spaces, from the conceptual stages of a project to post-construction.

We collaborate with designers, architects, landscapers, builders, developers, and brand managers to achieve stunning interior spaces.

Our attention to detail, meticulous finishes and eye for design combine to produce powerful and unique design results that truly embody our clients and their brand.



Our holistic approach to project management includes Programmes (Tender, Construction, Contract, EOI), Status Reporting, Methodology Statements, Scheduling Calendar, Program Reviews, Business Intelligence and Forensic Planning. We harness the power of 3D, 4D, 5D and 7D BIM and industry expertise to deliver successful project builds.

We offer independent advice and reports on project management, contract administration, programming, and cost management. Our expertise helps clients develop strategies to manage disputes.

Our forensic analysis service supports small to large projects in the construction industry. We analyse records and data to assist with negotiation, settlement, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.

Data Centres

We pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and competent ability to tailor our services to the most advanced of organisations and builds. Our recent growth within the AEC industry has propelled us further into the data centre sector, and we are excited to share our ongoing successes with our partners in the industry.

With high-end knowledge and long-standing partnerships in the AEC industry, we are confident in our approach to best practice project controls and planning, and in the provision of industry leading data centre programs.

We understand organisational needs, as well as offer you the guidance and support in data centre planning, ongoing management and build process.

Data Centre planning, construction, and project management is a complex process that requires expert knowledge and skill to execute effectively. We have a team of highly experienced data centre project planning and control specialists. We understand the specific organisational needs and requirements of data centres, and we are confident in our ability to deliver successful projects no matter the size or scale.

Your partner for success

Our team of skilled designers and project consultants possess a deep understanding of the markets in which we operate and are committed to being at the forefront of industry trends by utilising data and insights to develop unparalleled solutions for our clients.

We know when to question, how to challenge, and what to recommend.

FeelDX brings together a huge diversity of expertise. It is where the disciplines overlap that the magic happens, and the idea of ‘solving together’ is a shorthand to FeelDX's deeply collaborative culture, which is key to our success.

AEC Industries

Our expert team works closely with you through the entire  lifecycle of your design, construction and built environment project. Sophisticated visualisation software takes your project to the next level.

FeelDX continues to form strategic partnerships with architects, engineers and developers to execute hundreds of building projects successfully. Our highly qualified project control and project management consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout every project stage.


FeelDX specialises in crafting immersive visual experiences through cutting-edge 3D visualisation and creative technologies. Tailoring specialised services to diverse sectors, our niche teams elevate project success by aligning with unique client needs. Storytelling is integral, woven into our content strategy established through a meticulous discovery process, resulting in engaging visual content. 

Our user-centric design and development of interactive applications amplify the impact of communication. While maintaining enduring partnerships in construction, our dynamic team continues to evolve, creating high-impact and immersive content experiences for businesses in new and emerging markets.


At FeelDX, we leverage the latest technology to craft tailored digital education and training programs and courses. Our comprehensive suite of services includes developing training strategies, creating personalized training programs, reviewing and designing infrastructure projects, and providing project delivery and governance support.

We collaborate closely with registered training organisations (RTOs) and education providers to produce multimedia content that supports holistic student learning. Our technology allows for customised and tailored programmes to meet stakeholder content requirements and protocols. We're proud to help clients develop impactful and unique learning materials, such as graphics, storyboards, videos, and interactive animations.

Services Visualisations Project Control and Forensic Analysis AEC Industries Data Centres Education and Training


We specialise in working with businesses within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, offering advanced project planning and control solutions to secure contracts and ensure project success.


Master Plan Phase- Property Developers

We collaborate with property developers to assist them throughout the entire lifecycle of complex construction projects. Our team of experts, utilising advanced technology, provides project planning and control solutions, starting from the initial concept to the successful completion of the project.


Concept Phase - Project Managers & Superintendents

We partner with Superintendents and Project Management Firms to offer advanced project planning and control solutions. Our 4D and 5D project control solutions aid in identifying potential risks, increasing efficiency, and ensuring on-time and budget completion of the project.


Design Phase - Architects & Engineers

We assist architects and engineers in bringing construction and built environment projects to fruition. Our team ensures the preparation and conversion of plans, from tender to construction, are completed to the highest standards with every detail covered.


Tender Phase - Builders

We assist builders in simplifying complex project schedules through advanced 3D visualization and 4D/5D BIM technology, resulting in visually stunning and successful tenders. Our project control solutions also aid in ensuring the timely delivery of projects.


Construction and Development Phase- Multiple Teams

We use 4D and 5D BIM to create realistic and interactive simulations, which allow all stakeholders to understand the construction process, anticipate problems, and make informed decisions to mitigate risks and improve productivity.


Project Completion Phase

We offer post-project services using 7D BIM to monitor and optimise the sustainability and efficiency of your building or space. Our expertise and data provide valuable recommendations for continued performance improvement after project completion.